Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 33 - In Which Bacon Seeds Grow Up

February 20, 2016 these 6 little Bacon Seeds came to live at my house....well, really at the property next door but 2 of them are ours. Our Grandchildren named our two Pinkie and Fluffy (don't ask me why..we let them name them and the names are written in stone!) 

Two days ago, all 6 of the grown Bacon Seeds were loaded up into a trailer and transported to what we like to call Freezer Camp.  It doesn't do to stress the 'little' critters - stress causes meat to be stressed as well.  So we don't tell them they are going to the butcher, rather we tell them they are going to freezer camp. By the time what's going to happen to them is happening, they don't have time to get stressed. 

Fluffy and Pinkie are in there, I'm just not entirely sure which is which.  Suffice to day, our 2 pigs weighed in at 309 pounds and 379 pounds.  The largest of that particular drift of pigs weighed in at a whopping 403 pounds - he went to our friend and neighbor, John, whose property they called home for the last 5 1/2 months.  That's a lot of bacon....and sausage, and ham. 

Here is John's dog, Bella, when the little piglets first came to live with John.  She loved going down to the pigpen to check out 'Her" friends.  Every day, she would venture down for a quick chase on each side of the fence and then go back up to the house. 

It didn't seem to matter much how big those critters got, they were still her friends.  I wonder how she's faring without them being there? Must as my John.

The weather is wet and rainy today and yesterday.  We are told to expect rain each day for most of the week.  That's fine with us - farmers need rain to grow the crops and the hay fields.  John says the garden is flourishing - we will be inundated with tomatoes for sure.  The canning supplies are ready when he starts bringing in the bounty. 

Thank you for stopping by.  See you next week.


Jennifer said...

Yes - rain is good! Hadn't heard of "bacon seeds" before, I love it.

Batiklover said...

Hi Sal., Been awhile since I stopped by and Oh you are a bad girl, you missed a week of blogging!!! Hee hee you are WAY better than me!! Oh how we could use some rain, even just a few drops!! Funny that your tomatoes are coming in and ours are on their way out. I think it has just been too hot and dry.... Congrats on your blue ribbons, GREAT job!!!! Keep up the good work!!