Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 36 - Bragging - Just a Bit

We have always lived far away from family - either side - and I have not always been good about staying in touch with any of my family or that of my husband.  It's been a good number of years since I've seen my nephew but we've stayed in touch via email for the last several years.  He recently sent me some pictures of his family and I asked permission to share them - actually, I asked permission to brag!  This is my nephew, R.  He is the principal at the High School where he, himself, went to school.  I'm so proud of the man he has become.  He is a wonderful educator, an amazing husband, an  involved father, and he makes me proud to be his aunt. 

This is A, his daughter, on her first day of the new school year.  

And this is E, also on his first day of school for the new year.

R and his wife T....on their way to a function.  T is also an educator - bilingual studies.  She runs a school for bilingual education.  AND, she's awesome pretty to boot!

Remember I told you about Pinkie and Fluffy going to Freezer Camp?  Well, they are home from Camp.  Here they are: Bottom two shelves here.
And the entirety of the smaller freezer here.  That's sausage you see.  Yum

Now, if someone had asked me when I was a teenager if I was bossy, I'd have been offended.  Really offended.  Of course, I wasn't bossy.  
Well, upon reflection, I have to admit that I am sometimes....just sometimes....a bit bossy.  But only when I'm right! 

Thank you so much for visiting again.  See you next week.

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Jennifer said...

We're all allowed to be right most of the time, you know!