Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 31 & 32 - I am such a Slug

I don't know where the time goes...I had every intention to blog each week during this year...and I was able to do it - until last week.  I missed last week....for some odd reason, that really bothers me. So I am blogging for both weeks today and will try very diligently to make sure I don't miss another week for the rest of the year.  

Week before last we celebrated our 43rd wedding Anniversary.  John and I both worked that day, as usual. So we, along with mom, went to dinner at the only decent Mexican food joint near to us.  As celebrations go, it wasn't much, but it sure worked for us.  
The annual Webster County Fair was also held week before last.  I entered items in several categories...Quilts, Knitting, and Counted Cross Stitch.  Here you can see my quilt entitled American Dream.  It's a pattern by Pickled Pieces - now retired, I'm sad to say.  I started it back in 2002, right after the attack in New York on 9/11.  It took me till this year to complete it...frankly, the idea of making 50- 3 inch stars and 13 - 3 inch log cabins was quite daunting.  I finally set my mind to "get 'er done" and this is the result.  The second photo shows how folks received it at the fair.

The docent for that section of the fair told me that the judges were blow away by it and wanted to give it an unprecedented award but the Fair officials said it was, indeed, unprecedented and there were no funds in the budget for it. Evidently there was a huge appreciation for it from the public as well and it was displayed fully - not folded - for the public during the entire fair.  I'm pleased with it.

The other items I displayed were a pair of sock from Sock Madness and a tiny Biscornu...only about 2 inches across.  Each of them won a blue ribbon as well...and the socks had a notation from the judge on the back of my entry.  She said, "Just beautiful", Your Judge.  

This week has seen rain bursts each day...just sheets of water coming from the sky.  Thunder rumbles across the entire sky and the rain, while not gentle, is falling at a rate that allows most of it to soak into the dry soil without least here where we are.  Other areas of the Ozarks are having flooding alerts.  

Today is another day of rain bursts and thunder...I love those kinds of days.  The heat is up, and so is the humidity. But the rain is welcome.  

I'm off to finish the laundry and pack for a short trip to St. Louis with mom tomorrow....More next week.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your wins, that's so good! You must be pleased about the rain because I remember you saying that things were a bit dry, and it looks to be good soaking rain.