Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 35 - Foxes Abound

We live in the country.  That means gravel roads, tractors, fireflies and wild animals in the yard.  Look at the picture...that gravel road is Wilderness Dr....our street. The gravel goes on for about a mile before it becomes somewhat paved for the next 6 miles into town. You can sometimes drive on the road and come upon a tractor, going as slow or as fast (it depends on what end of the tractor you are on, I suppose) as it can go.  You wait for there to be an open area in the oncoming lane and then you can drive around it - regardless of the lines on the road. Same goes for Amish buggies! Fireflies are rampant in the spring and summer, everywhere!  Then there are the wild animals...No, not lions and tigers or - well sometimes - bears.  I mean wild animals like bobcats, or deer, or foxes.  Like the critter here, who decided that our small gravel pile was the perfect place to take a snooze.  It's broad daylight, on a Saturday morning, and he curls up for a nap.  Now, foxes are cute little things, I'll admit.  BUT...and that's a huge But...they have to eat.  And what do they eat, you ask?  Well, they eat chickens and baby rabbits, and other small creatures that they can catch.  

John went about 10 days ago and got 6 chicks to raise for their eggs.  Now, I can't abide fresh eggs - they disgust me, really they do.  But I'm not going to stop him from having fresh eggs for himself.  I can still get eggs from the grocery store and we can all live happily.  But little chickens are favored by foxes for their own food supply.  So we (make that John) have begun the process of enticing that little fox into a trap so he can be dispatched soon and save our chicken herd.  This will hopefully happen quickly since John also went this past week and ordered 3 dozen chicks that we can raise for meat - it only takes about 8 weeks before those chickens will be ready for Freezer Camp.  I'm all about letting animals live a happy life, but when they don't know what is theirs and what is mine, there has to come a division of things!  

I've always had dreams.  Haven't we all?  Sometimes I chafe at how long it takes to have dreams come true.  I don't have any burning dreams right now...just some reasonable hopes for the future. The item below came across my Facebook feed this past week and it just smacked me upside the head.  I have to keep remembering that it's not going to happen in my timetable, but it will happen in HIS timetable.  Patience is a virtue. Sigh.

English Paper Piecing.  I've always been intrigued by this and have actually done one or two items with it, but mostly did it without any true understanding of the process.  One of the blocks for this year's Saturday Sampler at Merrily We Quilt Along uses English Paper Piecing and they are offering a class.  So tomorrow I get to take that class...I'm really looking forward to this.  I like hand work in quilting, except applique - that's too time consuming - so this might turn out to be something really fun. I'll show you next week how I do.

We had a short visit with some friends of ours today. Lee and Katlin moved from here to Florida about 7 years ago...they moved back to Missouri 2 years ago and we see them every 6 weeks or so when we meet for dinner in Springfield.  They came out to see all their former neighbors and take a look at their old house across the street from us.  It sure is great to see them.  

Hey, thank you all so much for stopping by.  

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Jennifer said...

Foxes are a dreadful menace here. They were introduced to Australia in the mid-1800s by English people who wanted to hunt, and they have no many of our little native animals are fair game to them, and of course farm animals and birds too. Have a great week, Sally!