Sunday, July 3, 2016

Week 28 - July 4th

 We want to wish all our family and friends a most wonderful 4th of July.  Even with all the problems that this country has, even with all the haters, even with the mess our government is in, this is the greatest country in the world and I would not want to live anywhere else.  Yes, our election year choices suck big time.  Yes, there are terrible people out there who hate us and want to kill every last one of us.  Yes, we seem to have priorities a bit askew.  But even with all that, this is a great country and we have endured for over 200 years and will continue to thrive and endure.  I truly believe that.  So Happy 4th of July to you all.  Have a hot dog, munch on some watermelon, wave a flag.  

It's raining here in the Ozarks...gentle constant rain since before the sun rose.  And we can use it.  We are over 8 inches below our yearly average and the farmers sure are worried about hay production this year.  This rain will go a long way toward getting the hay high enough for a cutting in August.  

Last year for Mother's day, John got me two rose bushes.  One of them didn't survive but the other did.  It's called Easy Peasy and the colors are a lovely blend of apricot, pink, and yellow.  We went to the nursery earlier this year and I replaced the one Julia Child rose that didn't make it with Mr. Lincoln and another Knock-Out rose whose name I can't remember - it's white and this is the first version of one that actually has a fragrance.  Both of those roses are thriving along with Easy Peasy. Last night, John brought me in one of the Mr. Lincoln blooms.  It is lovely and I truly wish this blog has Smell-a-Vision so you could smell the rose - amazing!  Soft and yet still strong.  I've never been fond of roses - I didn't even carry them in my bridal bouquet - but these sure are pretty!  Thanks, Mr. Wonderful.

This year the 2016 Row by Row Experience is again upon us.  Most of you who were part of my posse last year can rest easy.  The theme this year is Home Sweet Home and there are over 3600 shops participating.  This is the first year that some of the European shops are also part of the program.  I must say, there are probably only 8 shops that have presented rows and patterns that I would even like to have.  A friend from Georgia (the state, not the country) mentioned that she had found about 13 shops that used the them of Home Sweet Home and went with a Wizard of Oz theme.  I am trying to get 8 of those 13 rows so make an Oz quilt.  If any of you know anyone in or near Brighton in Michigan, Montgomery in Minnesota, Stow or Cincinnati in Ohio, Endicott in New York, Fargo in North Dakota, Murphy in North Carolina,  Baldwin in Kansas, Appleton in Wisconsin, or Essex Junction in Vermont, let me know...I might have a mission for them.  

Again, I want to wish you all a Happy 4th of July.  Have a hot dog, eat some watermelon, and wave a flag!  

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Jennifer said...

Happy Fourth of July to you, Sally! My mother had a Mr Lincoln rose - the flowers were big, and it had an amazing perfume. I saw (and photographed) a Julia Child rose last year in Toronto, it's a beautiful rose that I had never seen before.