Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 30 - Reflections

 Now, the above is just my kind of meme....I honestly don't think I'm a witch, fictional or real.  I am opinionated, and fairly sure I'm right most of the time, but I try to be careful how I present myself and my opinions.  However, I don't suffer fools well, nor do I associate with people who are deliberately cruel and unfeeling towards others.  In fact, associating with kind people tends to make me a kinder person myself.  That being said, I think the above is funny!
This meme has been going around Facebook for some time and I totally agree with it.  With an exception - children are entitled to a safe environment to grow and mature. Whether in their parents' home or a foster home, children deserve and are OWED safety.  Above that, there is nothing owed to us.  The generation coming up behind mine is a cell-phone dependent, money-grubbing, self-absorbed, entitled group and they are going to find out that soon, the world is NOT their oyster - they are actually going to have to work for what they have, just like the rest of us - unless this country becomes socialist, that is.  While I love the idea of free health care, I wonder if waiting months or even years for a knee replacement is worth it. (No offense intended to those of my readers who have national health care).  Getting a free education might sound fine on paper, but who is really paying for it?  Why, the taxpayers, of course.  I already paid for my education; I don't necessarily want to pay for the education of the kid down the street.  And those on welfare who repeatedly fail drug tests and are not working?  Don't get me started on them.  Suffice to say, We've worked for everything we have, so has our son, and frankly, so will our grandchildren since their parents are raising them the way they, themselves, were raised.  There is nothing wrong with working to earn what you want.  In fact, there is everything right about that concept.  Sadly, there are more folks with the Gimme attitude than those with the I'll Earn My Own attitude.  Hopping down off my soapbox now - and knowing that if I step wrong and break a hip, I can have it replaced tomorrow instead of waiting a year. 

Hoping you have a wonderful week, stay cool, see you soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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Lisa Boyer said...

Hear hear!! Applause.