Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 9 - A Bit short

This week went so darned quickly....I can't believe it's time for another blog post.  There was very little activity this week.  On Tuesday night we had a bit of snow but it was mostly gone by the time I went to work on Wednesday morning.  

Yesterday I set myself a goal of finishing a quilt that I'd started when we lived in Rhode Island.  Those of you who wish to count backward will know that we moved from RI in late 2002. I'll wait while you do the math.  Yes, you are correct!  14 years to complete a quilt top.  I give you the designer's picture of American Dreams below.  Mine is mostly the same with the exception of the childrens' outfits.  The 'kit' I got from a friend in RI did not include fabrics for the children block or the church block or the ocean block (all those on the bottom row).  I used my own fabrics for those. I just want to say - there are 50 scrappy stars and 13 red/white log cabin 3" finished blocks in this quilt.  
 I made the commitment to finish this quilt this weekend and I did it!!! It's now ready to be sent to one of my machine quilters for the quilting process.  What a wonderful feeling; to finish this one is a real achievement for me.

Tomorrow is February 29th - Leap Day.  One of my favorite movies is Leap Year...a delightful romp through Ireland. A wonderful chick flick.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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Jennifer said...

Finished is a good feeling!