Tuesday, February 1, 2011


That's what the weathercasters are calling it. They said they checked the archives and they've never used that word for winter weather here in the Ozarks-EVER! They used the word yesterday. The library is closed today but it's my day off anyway. John did not go into work today. We are not sure if we can either of us get to work tomorrow. They are telling us that we might get as much as 20" of snow. I took pictures this morning, before the really heavy snow started. The first one is just outside the front door - see the front walkway there? Next you have the view outside the morning room window. The cows are at the hay ring, loading up on energy to keep themselves warm. Just after I took that picture, they made their way to the barn. John and our neighbor put extra hay out for them on Sunday nite. And finally, the back deck.
John just came in and the snow is coming down in huge flakes. And really fast. And it's so very cold! They tell us that our high tomorrow will be 13 degrees with a windchilll of -3...brrrrrr.
We've got plenty of milk, soda, beer, food, warmth, batteries, dvd's, and knitting to keep us happy here. But I sure do miss California weather...
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Jennifer said...

Wow, that's cold, really cold. I have seen snow of course, even been in a snow storm (in New Zealand, ten years ago) but it's difficult for us to know what it is really like to live in such a cold climate. Stay warm!