Saturday, February 5, 2011

Close Call

You've probably seen on the news that we're having some challenging weather the past week or so. Tuesday and Wednesday, the library was closed and John didn't even go to work. He made it to work on Thursday but the library remained closed. We both went to work on Friday. And therein lies the problem!

Roads had been somewhat cleared of snow all the way into town. I drove in with no problems in the morning. Got off work at 3:00 and headed, carefully, toward home. The road home is mostly paved, with the final mile and a half gravel. Once I'd turned onto the gravel road, there was only one more obstacle before I felt I'd made it home fine.

There is a little knoll about 50 feet before the final turn onto our road. Not a steep hill but one that commands respect from all drivers in winter weather. I got to the top of the knoll and slowed down - a lot- and began my descent...a bit faster, a bit faster....tapped the brakes and began the slide! Crap!!! Still not too fast, so decided I could make the turn onto our road. NOT! Should have just straightened the wheel and gone on past the road and let the straight part slow me down, then backed up to the turn. Instead, I began to slide across the road into a stand of trees. Yanked the wheel to the right to miss the trees and went sideways. And stopped! Once I'd caught my breath and made sure my heart was still beating, I put the car into gear and tried to back out - not happening. Okay, how about forward? Yeah, that works - for about 10 feet until I got stuck in a drift of snow. No backing out, no going forward. AND the car is tipped a bit sideways.

Called John and he left work immediately to come rescue me and the car. It takes him about 45 minutes to get home and it was getting cold and starting to snow again. One of our neighbors was about 5 houses down from where I was so I called her to come get me and take me home. God Bless her!!! John got home and went to dig out the car, having called our other neighbor (my office partner, John ) who came with his tractor to help dig me out. Less than 1/2 hour later, the car was in the garage- none the worse for wear.

Lesson learned - slow up before going down the knoll in the winter, go straight and then back up to turn onto our road, wear sturdier shoes so you can walk home if necessary!

We are expecting even more snowy weather tomorrow thru Tuesday - Yeah (she said weakly and with dripping sarcasm).

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Jennifer said...

Oh Sal, so glad to hear you are none the worse for your adventure! I bet it was scary at the time though.