Monday, January 31, 2011

Mail Call

We recently got a Christmas card from a former commanding officer and his family. They said they were still stationed in Germany (which I'd forgotten) and would be transferring back to the States this summer. I emailed her to catch up on family and during the course of our emails, I mentioned a particularly difficult-to-find knitting yarn that seems to be plentiful in Germany - where it's made- but almost impossible to get here. Tanya asked me the name and location of the shop that sells it - yes, I said Shop - there is only one shop that sells this particular yarn. I sent her a link to the shop's website. She sent me an email a week later with the following info - Yarn Found!
Tanya the Terrific managed to pick up 2 skeins of sock yarn and one of laceweight yarn. Then she sent me an email telling me that she'd mailed it. I practically stalked the mailman till the box arrived this last Saturday...Below you see the bounty the box contained.

The large skein is laceweight yarn in "Lavendel" - the picture simply does NOT do the colour justice. It is the most amazing violet! Next to it is sock yarn in colour"Pitahaya" - Dragonfruit. My colours for sure. Red and green and gold and orange and pink. Yummy. and finally is"Die Auster" - translated to The Oyster. It's a beautiful green-blue.

And then, Tanya told me that she would be going back there at least once more before they leave. I've been writing down the colours I want. I may need to get another job just to pay for the Wollemeise sock yarn!
We are expecting a major storm here tonight. Rain all day today, turning to sleet and a bit of ice and then snow after midnight. They are telling us that we should expect between 9 and 14 inches of snow before the storm is over. I don't have to go to work tomorrow and my doctor called to cancel my annual appointment for tomorrow so I'm all set. John may have to go in to work but we will have to wait to hear closser to when he leaves for work in the morning.
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Jennifer said...

Wow, what gorgeous colours - that deep violet is so rich and regal! Did you know that once only royalty were allowed to wear purple, because it was so difficult and expensive to produce? Just as well those days are gone. Stay safe in the storm.