Sunday, March 28, 2010


Round 2 has begun in Sock Madness IV. I received the pattern on Friday morning via e-mail. And as luck would have it, I had to work all day before I could cast-on. Blast it! Once I got home, I set out to cast on this lovely set of socks...called Cool Beans by a wonderful designer in Northern California. I love her stuff! Coffee beans marching around the leg and foot. Here's a shot of my progress as of this morning....quite a bit of which I'm NOT adept. I'm learning to hold yarns in both hands...and knit both English and Continental at the same time.

I'm using a creamy white yarn, the name of which is unknown to me, and a Socks That Rock Lightweight fingering weight yarn called Cockamamie! It's knitting up quite nicely and I believe I'll be knitting this pattern again...maybe with bright Easter colours so the beans look like eggs....or maybe in my favorite slime green so they look like the dreaded lima beans...who know where my imagination will take me....keep tuned in for updates.

On a totally other note, we talked to some really dear friends this morning. We've known Rick and Nancy Sasso for over 30 years...John and Rick served together in the Navy. They still live in Southern California and we haven't seen them in over 10 years. Rick and Nancy just got Skype last weekend and we Skyped with them for almost an hour this morning...except for us all getting a tiny bit older, they haven't changed one bit...still the delightful folks we have known for years. And, Nancy is still a smart a$$ whose sense of comic timing I envy! Love you guys!

I need to get back to the studio and get back to knitting....only 26 folks from each team are going on to Round 3 and I intend to be one of the ones on my team, "All We Need is Yarn" that makes it though. Wish me luck!

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Batiklover said...

Oh those are gorgeous!!!! Love the color!!!!

You go girl!!!!!!

Ina said...

Thank you for the whimsical project bag! It really brightened a rainy Monday. Love your Cool Beans. Sock Madness Forever, rah!