Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Start Your Engines!

Sock Madness 2 officially starts on Thursday. I just now finished the first sock (only the first, haven't even cast on the 2nd of the pair) for Sock Knitting Pentathalon and already I need to switch gears for SM2! Laying aside the sock for SKP isn't difficult - I have 2 months to finish the pair. But SM2 is timed! Only 40 of the 50 folks in each division will go on to the 2nd round. Wonder what the chances are that I make it to round 2? It took me 10 days to knit the first sock in SKP...hmmmmm....hmmmmmm....I'm seriously dead before I start on SM2! The specs came out today (1 skein fingering weight yarn in a solid or semi-solid color. ) They say we should think 'scary' with regard to the color. Heck, I'm scared already and haven't even looked at the colors! The designer chimed in with a hint to get out Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and have it playing while we are knitting. Hmmm....I've got a Lorna's laces yarn called "Mineshaft" - that ought to do the trick. Dark and gloomy and spooky yarn...just the thing to start a competition in early spring!

On to something very fun! I am involved in a small group that wanted to do a quilted postcard exchange. Fortunately, there are only 10 of us and we have 6 weeks to get them done. I've got tons of the basic postcard parts ready cause I used to teach a class at my Local Quilt Shop on quilted postcards. It's a great way to use up lone blocks, too. So I think instead of knitting today, I shall work on quilted postcards for that swap. And John just called and wants me to meet him for Mexican food! YUM!!!

Have a great day, will get more pictures up soon.

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Lisa Boyer said...

Wait...I'm beginning to get a idea about you...you LIKE deadlines, don't you? Just reading your blog makes me nervous because I hate deadlines so much. How do you do it all????