Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I took this simple test today to find out what flavor of ice cream I would be...seems as though I am vanilla. I kinda wish I were a more exotic flavor - like chocolate or peppermint or mint chocolate chip. But today I will be content with being vanilla - conforting, calm, non-threatening vanilla - French Vanilla!

The rain has finally stopped for a while. It's still overcast but no more dripping from the sky. They say we will see sunshine tomorrow and warmer temperatures but we should expect more rain by Friday. Thank goodness I use a clothes dryer inside and don't hang mine out to dry outside!

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Lisa Boyer said...

Funny. I always thought of you as peppermint. Maybe you're vanilla but with peppermint chocolate sprinkles. In a chocolate dipped cone. And with a cherry on top. Being vanilla just means you're versatile!