Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 7 - Ummm, I have no words. See for yourself

Let's start off this post with my day on is where I spent the day.
Yes, that is Juror #41...while I have no argument with doing one's civic duty, spending an entire day sitting on hard wooden benches and waiting for the defense and the prosecution to complete their voir dire process to then NOT being chosen for the jury makes me cranky.  Top that with the fact that they let me have my knitting (bless them) but NOT my kindle or cell phone (I understand not wanting the prospective jury to be able to take pictures or post on the net or research - but they wouldn't let me read on my kindle and I hadn't brought a real book with me!) That makes for a long day and a cranky Sally!  Granted, what probably pushed me off the jury was the fact that it was a drug related case and both my brothers are law enforcement officers and the defense seemed to want to defame the arresting officer...that would not have set well with me, let me tell you!  I can still be called for a case anytime between now and the end of June...if I serve on a case, then I won't be called for a minimum 2 years.  At least this week is over!

Now to other noteworthy happenings here at Pieceful Harbor...that being my crazy husband and his best friend. Our barn was built in 1937 - we know this because the cornerstone says so.  It has the original wooden sides and the original metal roof. With all the wind we get here in the Ozarks, the roof takes a beating and will occasionally lift off the boards.  Such is the case this weekend.  John and his friend, our next door neighbor, decided that today was the day to repair the barn roof.  Now, this is a tall barn - and the 22 foot extension ladder is not tall enough to get him where he needs to be to fix that metal roof.  What to do, what to do......well, in the Ozarks, you use a tractor to lift the ladder in the bucket and then extend the ladder to to top of the roof.  Typically, you would hear the following, "Hey, hold my this.'"  

You need a spotter on the tractor.  That's our neighbor, John...he's in charge of the emergency brake on the bucket holding the ladder...and calling 911 if necessary.  

Three screws later, the job was done.  Mr. Wonderful said it brought back memories of being tied to the yardarm on a huge navy ship and changing the airspeed 'birds' many years ago...'Piece of cake", says he!  

I will say, he has better stamina, energy, and balance than anyone I have ever known...And he wonders why I call him my Hero!

I'll have some more news next week....hopefully it's good news....asking for unspoken prayers, especially on Tuesday...until then,

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Jennifer said...

Oh wouldn't catch me up that ladder! Touch wood, I have only been called for jury duty once over twenty years ago and, because our younger son was still at school, didn't have to go.