Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 6 - Just Keeping Up

This winter, both John and I have had some medical challenges..nothing truly serious, just challenging.  His cardiologist wants him to see another specialist regarding another cardiac procedure for his Atrial Fibrillation...his heart has begun to reduce in size (Yeah!!!) but the AFib is still present and they want to try to get his heart back into normal rhythm.  Another series of tests this next week and they can come up with a plan of action.  My doctor does routine blood tests every 6 months and in October found that my kidneys were shutting down...I didn't even have any symptoms so this was news to me.  She took me off a couple of my medications and the kidneys have now 'repaired' themselves but I can no longer use those two meds...this is fine except one of them was an anti-inflammatory for my arthritic knees....I am now reduced to using pain meds 3 times a day just to be able to ambulate around with a cane at times and I can't stand much longer than 10 minutes or walk much more than 100 yards without crazy pain..  My concern was with addiction and she assures me there is no fear of that with the meds she has me on so I'm good. 

John has been getting things ready for spring around here.  He sent his riding lawn mower in for it's Spring Tune-up this last week.  Today he want out and collected soil samples to take to the Missouri Extension Center for analysis...hopefully we won't need to add any more amendments to the soils so our 'grass' grows well for the cows.  Speaking of cows, how about a cow picture?

From left to right you have Beast, Belle, and Rosie.  Beast and Belle belong to our son and his family in Utah...Rosie is ours.  Rosie is almost 18 months old and the others are a bit over a year old.  They are so fun to watch out in the field.  And easy to spot, even in the snow!

Yesterday we went into Springfield so I could have my eyes turns out one of my eyes needed more correction than the other and I ended up ordering new glasses...I'm going to try transition lenses this time...that way I won't have to carry around my sunglasses.

It's hard to tell but these are incredibly similar to the ones I'm wearing now...but with an adjusted script on the left eye.  Can't wait to get them sometime near the 13th of the month...

And now, for just a bit of humor...

That's just about all I still fit into!

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Jennifer said...

Hey, I can still fit into my earrings too! *grin* It's all downhill after a certain age, isn't it? I was fine until I hit have my sympathy.