Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week 2 - In Which there is Snow

This explains the past year to a T. Enjoy!

This past week saw 2 birthdays and some nasty weather.  My birthday was Monday.  Mom and John and I went to Springfield for a lovely lunch that day since we were all off work for the New Year holiday. On Thursday, my youngest brother was supposed to be flying in from Phoenix to help Mom celebrate her birthday.  Unfortunately, the weather turned nasty and the airlines cancelled the flight.  The snowstorm lasted on the one day but left a trail of slick roads and snow that lasted till today.  My work was closed for the last two days of the week...made for some great knitting time!  

John and I took mom out to dinner last night...Bambino's is one of her favorite places.  Yum!  

Mom finished this cute little shrug last week...doesn't she look great for 87?  I'm so proud of the things she has accomplished since she moved in with us last May...not just socks anymore.  But shawls, sweaters, shrugs, fingerless mittens, and now she's working on a scarf.  She likes going to the local yarn shop with me..she knits and listens to everyone talking and gossiping and giggles while I teach a class or we just sit and knit for a while. I love this time with her.

Well, the weather is supposed to change this week...sunshine and warmer temps and some rain (but only rain if the temps cooperate).  Unusual weather for winter here in the Ozarks but I sure do not hate it!

Thanks for stopping by, folks.  

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Jennifer said...

You can send your excess snow to us, there's another heat wave forecast from today! It does look pretty though. No doubt about it, your mum is great!