Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 49 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season

This week began the holiday season around here.  Shops are decorated and their shelves are jam-packed with merchandise for sale. The streets are adorned with holiday finery.  Yards are beginning to sport Santa Claus figures and a plethora of lights and candy canes.  John pulled down some of the boxes from the attic so we could begin decorating Pieceful Harbor.  I need to take down the Autumn decorations first.
One can see that he didn't get the tall tree down.  Only the 3' tree that usually sits in the window in the studio (I'm not going to use that this year since the table in the studio needs some severe de-cluttering).  He moved the video cabinet so I can place the tree in its usual spot.  Pictures to follow next week.

Have completed mom's stocking. I'm so pleased at how it came out.

The weather has turned cold...really cold.  But it hasn't deterred the chickens from coming out of the barn and scratching around.  Foghorn Leghorn and his girls come out several times a day, peck around, and then rush back inside the barn when they hear any noise at all.  Later, they come out again.  The rooster is learning to's funny to hear his crackly voice several times a day - almost like a teenage boy whose voice is changing. 
Foghorn is the one on the far left...he has a beautiful comb...quite regal!

More next week.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Jennifer said...

Decorations and light are appearing around our street looks very cheery! I'll gladly swap you some of your cold for some of our heat, as tight now we are in the middle of a five day heatwave. At least it's a dry heat, not humid.