Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 13 - He is Risen!

Today is Easter Sunday.  From looking out the window, you would not think it was early Spring. It has been overcast and rainy all day...and cold, really cold!  But there is something in the air and Easter it is.  John and I had a wonderful dinner together of home-grown ham, stuffing, and fresh asparagus.  I made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce, most of which is now in the freezer, with one quart in the fridge for tomorrow's dinner. 
 We have a huge bay window in the morning room and we can look out any time of the day and see all kinds of wildlife coming out of our woods.  John was watching the cows out the window and called me to see this beautiful red fox out in the clearing.  She was obviously to watch.
 I logged onto Instagram to see what new pictures were is my most favorite one.  This is our wonderful son and his amazing wife and the 5 most Special Grandchildren in the whole wide world.  Aren't they beautiful?  Every single one of them.  Hey, W in the bottom right is going to be 9 years old tomorrow....Happy Birthday, make us so proud of you!

Earlier this week our son's company celebrated a re-branding...they are now called Rize Point.  The CEO is a friend as well as our son's boss....he posted something that resonated with me and I thought I'd share with you all.  His 15-year-old daughter had sent him an email earlier that day to remind him what is truly important on that very stressful day. I loved it so much, I asked for permission to re-post it here.  Thank you, Frank Maylett and your wonderful 15-year-old daughter for these inspirational words. 
1. Smile
2. Focus
3. Eat yummy food
4. Dance when good things happen
5. Smile when bad things happen
6. Be social
7. Have some "me time"
8. Help someone out
9. Thank people for their work
10. Praise God
Work is what we do, not who we are. We are spouses, friends, humans, citizens of the world and at times, forgetful and flawed.
Round 2 of Sock Madness 10 came out on Sunday night.  Wow, I am learning so much this round.  The cast on was a bit fiddly - took me over 4 hours to cast on the first time I tried it.  Once I got the beaded cuff done, it went much faster.  I am currently working the gusset on the 2nd sock.  With good fortune, I may be able to snag a spot into Round 3 by tomorrow nite.  Here is the first sock completed.

I'm using a bright turquoise yarn made from wool and is so squishy and soft to work with!  The beads are multi-colored...teal green, copper, gold, and gold-lined clear ones.  The socks remind me of a desert sunset.
Well, I need to get to knittin'!  I want to snag one of the 15 spots left on Team Folo Foxgloves to go to Round 3.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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