Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 12 - In Which the Season is Confused

The political mayhem that is going on in this country is so disturbing and, frankly, embarrassing.  In the last few years, the United States has become such a laughingstock throughout the rest of the world.  It appears we will have only two choices in the coming election; and neither of those two are good for the country.  Each will bring to the table a collection of lies, subtrefuge, double-talk, bluster, and downright hatred for this country and her citizens.  That's all I can say about these two lying buffoons.  No country will take us seriously with either of these two at the helm.  And while I will definitely vote, I'm really torn about which one to vote for - the Lying Millionaire or the Blustering-Mysoginistic-Racist-Bullying-Narcissistic Zillionaire. As my father said, if I don't vote at all, I have no place to complain.  So I will vote, and then complain about whichever one of them won...neither is good for this country. I voted in our Primary election this past week...and NOT for the apparent front runner in my party. Ok, I'm going to jump down off this soapbox now and talk about important things.  

Like, who told Mother Nature that the first day of Spring warranted dropping snow on the ground?  I woke up this morning to this:
 Yes, folks, that is the end of March!  The temps are in the 40's already so most of it has melted away but, come ON! Snow? 

Last week was one of catch up, too.  I am doing a Block of the Month sew-along online.  Each month for 8 months, the designer tells us which block from her book she is showcasing and we then make 2 of them, fraternal.   Here are my March blocks.  I'm doing mine in sherbet/tropical batiks.  I think this is the 3rd month that the blocks have had curves...sure hope there aren't any more.  I'm really tired of curves!

I had ordered this pocket square of tartan that was designed for the Outlander Book/TV series.  I don't care for brown but this brown is soft and creamy (like hot chocolate) and it appealed to me.  Then, a yarn was introduced called Jamie's Kilt from Lorna's Laces....again, mostly brown but soft and creamy with a touch of heathery green.  I had to have it.  Don't they look pretty?  I see a pair of sock or maybe a little shawl or scarf.  Will keep you posted.

Just got an email yesterday with my team assignment for Sock Madness 10.   I am on Team Folo Foxgloves.  There are 17 teams this year...not exactly sure how many people on each team; somewhere between 40 and 50.  I know that 764 people qualified to go on to Round 2.  That's a lot of folks to wrangle! I wondered what the Folo meant and someone on my team told us that Folo is the number 10 in Malagasy, the language of Madagascar.  Each team name begins in the number 10 in a different language and then a flower name.  The yarn specifications came out at the same time.  This next sock will include beads.....lots of beads.  I didn't want to go out to buy beads so I'm using stash - pale turquoise yarn with copper/teal beads. The specs also call for a cable needle so I'm thinking this will be a cabled sock with beads...hopefully not on the foot portion cause that could be painful to wear. Not sure exactly when the pattern will drop. It could be anytime between now and 36 hours from now.  Will let you know next week what's up on that front.

My drive to work is along about 4 miles of country road till I get to 'town' - if you can call our little burg of 6400 people a town.  Tuesday my drive looked like this:

Yep, that's fog, folks.  Not Tulle fog like we used to get in California but just enough fog to make the drive a bit eerie.  The next day, this is what I saw at the end of my driveway - a beautiful Bradford Pear tree in full bloom.  Bradford Pears are ornamentals that bloom in the early spring, and only for about 5 days then the blooms are gone and it's just a green tree - no fruit. Where Kentucky gets the gorgeous Dogwood trees, we get Bradford Pears. 
Hopefully, this next week will bring some socks to show you, at least partially done anyway.  In the meantime, thanks for stopping by!

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Lisa Boyer said...

Oh gosh...I feel exactly the same way about the election. I wouldn't vote for either of the frontrunners in either party. I couldn't even pick a lesser of the two evils! How could this happen to our country? It's frightening.