Thursday, February 18, 2010

American Girl ® Doll Clothes

Some folks (me) didn't have the pleasure of raising girls. I, instead, had the distinct pleasure, nay, shall I say joy and delight, to raise a single child, a boy. So I missed out on the dolly adventure that all mothers of girls get to have. BUT, in his infinite wisdom and to my utter delight, our son and his wife (bless them!) have gifted us with granddaughters. And so I have begun to make doll clothes for Em's American Girl Doll ®. I've made a dress and pinafore, some jeans (both plain and embroidered) and the cutest darned slip, camisole, and panties! Here is the newest batch of goodies I'm sending off to her.

You see there a pair of pajamas, a robe, and a karate outfit. Yes, I know it's pink and karate outfits are white. This is an American doll, folks....anyone who is anyone knows that American little girls love pink! So I made pink! And there is also a little hat for her cold head there in Utah! It only took 2 hours and was so easy....ask me how I know!

I'm participating in the Knitting Olympics at my local yarn shop...working on a project that must be done by next Sunday - the same day the regular Olympic games are done in Vancouver. I'll post a picture if I get it done in time and am able to enter it.

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Jill Knotwell said...

Those turned out soooo cute! Emily is so excited to get her new outfits.

Jennifer said...

Cute little clothes! I'm like you, two sons, no daughters.....but no grandchildren either. But I still have a few dolls from my own childhood.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

What fun to get to make mini clothes for the grandbabies' dolls! All the experience and all of the fun, none of the hassle.

Just make sure you free up your time for Sock Madness though...