Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walking in the Tall Grass

John and our neighbor finished all the fencing this past weekend. They had to do some complicated rigging of fence on the far east side of our property where there is a wash. The ground is very uneven and it was hard to set T-posts and string barbed wire with the dipping of the wash and the running water that resulted from the recent rains. Thankfully, they are both prior military so they are used to rigging whatever they require for the job and the result is what you see below.

The only thing they had left to do was install a small 'man' gate on the south side of the pasture, just west of our bedroom window. That went in right quick! And at 8:10 p.m. on Sunday nite, John opened up the gates to allow the cows access to the north pasture and the tall grasses!

Sorry for the bleary view...can't get a really good picture that late at night with no flash that will go out that far.

On Monday morning, this is what I saw out the back door, from the deck:

They had all managed to find their way into the north pasture and were grazing in the tall grasses. Who said California was the only home of happy cows?
Just wanted to share our little piece of heaven with our family and friends.
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cinnamongirl93 said...

What a great sight to enjoy. Now you can sit out on the deck and knit and talk to you babies!
I can see my horses from my back patio too. They will watch for me to walk out the back door all the while hoping I walk out to the barn to spoil them with goodies.