Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's called Derecho

It appears that the weather we endured on Friday is fairly rare. It's called a derecho, which comes from the Spanish meaning straight. Yes, the winds were straight-line winds ranging from 70 mph on the front side of the storm to 80 mph on the back side. No wonder the tornado sirens went off for over 2 hours! As I said, we only had one treetop come is the photo. See that 'v' between the left hand tree and the others? That's where the top snapped off. Here's a close-up. We didn't even have any damage to our old barn. What a blessing.

John and our neighbor worked all day yesterday on the fencing. They completed the west side and the south side of the north pasture. Here are some pictures of the completed fencing.Here you see the north fence, the west fence, and the southern fence of the north pasture. The south pasture connects at the end of the field, right there in line with the barn in the third picture. The road on the left of the first picture is Wilderness Dr., turn left at the corner of our property, and follow the road in the center picture to the end. You can barely see it down there...that's our driveway on the left. And the house sits smackdab in the middle of that 10 acres. Nice and green now that we've had some rain - more expected this week, too. John spends the hours between getting home from work and sundown mowing the circle drive and the meadow you see to the right of the 3rd picture there.

I finished the first sock of round 4 in Sock Madness. Even though I'm no longer competing, I decided to try the sock since it contains some elements I've not tried before. Here is the first sock.
It's called Lucky Diamonds. The designer used a toe-up pattern, with an afterthought heel (not sure I like that yet) and two different colors of yarn - one striping yarn and one solid. I'm not altogether fond of tons of moss stitch which is what constitutes the centers of all the diamonds - k1, p1 that seemed to be endless! I've decided that this sock will suffer from Second Sock Syndrome for the time being. For those of you who've never heard of this - it simply means I'm not going to knit the other sock to the pair. I've had all the moss stitch I can take for the forseeable future!
Happy Mothers Day to everyone reading this. I've heard from the kids in Utah - everyone is happy and healthy and that's all a mother could hope for! John made me breakfast and gave me some plants for the front garden, along with a prmise to plant them later this week.
Thanks for stopping by. More later.


Dawn said...

I have never heard of derecho, but can't imagine winds that strong!

And your sock is gorgeous -- but this is the first time I have heard of the 2nd sock syndrome -- how funny!

Lisa Boyer said...

Gee...I totally love that sock. Really...second sock syndrome? On THAT sock? it around, and the fabulousness of it will have people trying to convince you to brave the moss stitch again. The sock is's one of those, "How did she do that?" socks.