Thursday, May 7, 2009

Checking In

This is what I saw when I left home on Friday afternoon to run errands "in town". It's not like I can just drive to the market or the post office...the nearest place the I go is work which is 6 miles into town. The post office is in town, as well as a couple of little markets. Walmart is about 10 miles away. Now, if we still lived in SoCal, 10 miles would be nothing...but here in the Ozarks, 10 miles is as good as 100! I go into TOWN (Springfield) about once a month, maybe twice. That's where the quilt shop is, Joann's, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Petsmart, Sam's Club, and Braum's (where we get milk). John usually does the Sam's Club and Braum's stops before he comes home from work since he works in Springfield. So I don't need to go into TOWN all that often.
And we are still doing our major marketing only about once every 8 weeks at the Army base 60 miles east of here - that's the way we did it all the time we were in the Navy and it's one habit that's hard to break.

On the right is the north side of our property.The rain ispummeling down onto the windshield. And I got to drive in it all the way to TOWN!

On Tuesday, after my dentist appointment, I went to the yarn shop to knit for a while. The owner, the intrepid and marvelous Lisa, said she was driving down to Mountain Home, Arkansas to see a friend. I asked her if she wanted company. John was at work and after a call to him to let him know what I was doing, Lisa and I took off. We took some back roads thru the misty rain and encountered lots of cattle grazing in the fields, dogs, trucks, and one lone tractor. This tractor was going about 5 miles an hour on a state highway. Slow enough that I was able to get a great shot of him with my mostly point-and-shoot digital camera. Notice the stays on the side of the load? That's tree limbs holding the feed on the bed of the trailer.

And last week I failed to make it into Round 4 of Sock Madness. But I receive all the patterns for socks in the entire competition, regardless of whether I am competing in later rounds. Round 4 started last week and it was an intriguing pattern, to say the least. Lucky Diamonds is a toe-up pattern using two different yarns, and includes what is known as an afterthought heel. Here is my progress shot. I really like this sock. I may only knit one of the pair - no one says you have to wear matching socks! I'll post a picture once the sock is done....very cool sock!

Well, I suppose that's all for now. We are expecting sun this weekend so Mr. Wonderful and his friend can work on fencing both days....not much more to do till we will have 2 pastures to stage the cows in. That will be a wonderful day!

More later. Thanks for stopping by.

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