Monday, July 28, 2008

Two Blues and a Blow Out

I entered both of the above in the Webster County Fair last week. Each of them were awarded a Blue Ribbon! The Black, white, and red quilt is a large lap quilt and only uses 2 blocks with various placements of the black, white, and red fabrics to make them appear to be different blocks. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the entire quilt opened. the other picture is of Arnold - the overgrown pink mobius basket with the needle-felted quilted block motifs. He won a Blue ribbon, too.
Now to the blow out! Our internet provided, who feels it necessary to charge us double the going price for "high-speed" internet service just because we live just a bit further than the 1800 feet from the junction box, has been fiddling around, trying to figure out why we are not getting internet service at all since last Wednesday! Details are not important at this point - suffice to say, they are still unable to fix whatever the problem is...although their repair guy left a message on the answering machine on Friday that it was fixed ---IT WAS NOT FIXED! Those of you who use the internet on a regular basis - for email, research, word processing, email, games, understand what it's like to not have internet is torture! Pure torture. My DH doesn't use the internet much on the weekends and he has access at work during the weekdays so it really doesn't bother him to be without on the weekends. Me? I'm absolutely beside myself without being able to use the internet when I want to do so. So this is pissing me off! I hope they get it fixed soon...I'm about to reserve a rubber room for myself...I wonder if they have internet?


John Knotwell said...

I always find it odd that, just 10 years ago, we wouldn't have thought that the internet was so vital to our lives. Now, everything is about making it faster, getting information quicker, media smoother and in higher quality. What an age we live in today... just 50 years ago, a letter received in 3 days was considered miraculous!

cinnamongirl93 said...

I can feel your pain darlin'! I was so missing my internet connection last week. I don't have internet at work. I do have internet on my Blackberry but can't always open everything . I can't read any messages from Ravelry or post on Ravelry. It was eating away at me all week! I pray you are up and running soon!
Congrads on the blue ribbons! That's awesome! I
I tried needle felting for the first time last week. I bought a small kit to give it a whirl.

Jill Knotwell said...

Congrats on the ribbons! I would die without the internet too, so I feel for ya!

MiscKnits said...

It hurts even worse when you are already feeling the pain of the higher cost for your internet - insult to injury! And don't you feel you should not have to pay for service you haven't had access to?! I'm sure it will be like pulling teeth to fight that one - but may be worth it.

Yay on your ribbons! How fun! I was watching Fons and Porter (spelling?) over the weekend and they were talking to the Iowa State Fair quilting judges - their big tips: good, sharp points and a "full" binding. So yours must have been spot on! Good job!