Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Each year, some folks get new shoes to celebrate the onset of spring. Or they get new hats, or a new outfit. This year, I got a new haircut! Carol lopped off about 6" and this is what I ended up with.

It's simple and easy. Even I can take care of it. Just wash, fluff, and go! John didn't hate it when he got home and got a good look at it. So I guess it's a keeper for now. Sure feels great on my neck.

Am working on my Sock Knitting Pentathlon socks...have turned the heel on sock #2 and am working my way up the ankle toward the cuff. I have until the 1st of May to get it completed before the 2nd pattern is released.

And speaking of May 1st - Our Emily will be turning 8 that day. Am working on a birthday gift for her. That needs to get finished by the weekend so I can mail it off to her mom for safe-keeping till the big day. Here is our Emily and her Mom...aren't they a lovely pair?
Well, I'm teaching a computer class today so need to get crackin' on setting up. Thanks for checking in with me. More later.


Jill Knotwell said...

I love your hair cut. Did you want short hair like mom?

Dawn said...

Your new 'do is wonderful! Especially when the husband likes it too! *grin* Happy birthday to Emily--have fun with her gift. I'm sure it will be something beautiful.