Sunday, April 13, 2008

Munchkin Visit

John III and his Jill arrived with the children last Saturday. They drove from Salt Lake City to Pieceful Harbor in 2 days. We were so glad to see them. The children all wanted to go with Papa to see our "Moos". John loaded everyone up in the truck and drove over to see Ruby, Garnet, Huevo and Jack. Jack is Garnet's calf, born this winter. Garnet and Jack belong to our friends, John and Sandy - our neighbors who kindly allow us to keep Ruby and Huevo in their pasture, since we don't have fencing yet. Hopefully, that will come about this year and we can move our cattle to our own property. Sunday we had a family dinner with most of the Knotwell family here to see the kids and grands. Great company and yummy food! Monday the kids went down to their timeshare in Branson and spent the night. We drove down to meet them on Tuesday morning. Took the kids to the Butterfly Palace. What a cool place. The butterflies fly loose inside the building and you can walk around and see some amazing colored butterflies. Here are the ones I was able to 'catch' not moving! My particular favorite was the blue one. Too lovely.

That's John holding Charlotte Rose. She is so articulate for a 2 year old! And she is extremely friendly. No one is a stranger to her.

On Friday we all went down to Silver Dollar City. They are currently hosting their annual World Fest and featuring the Feet of Fire Irish Dancers. Wow! Even young Will was mesmerized by the dancing and the music! And Charlotte talked about the Fire Dancers all afternoon! But before we went to the City - we got to watch the water sprites swim and cavort at the pool. Here is Emily. Our first granddaughter is almost 8 years old and a fish in the water! Then there's Charlotte - she's a charming sprite who is learning to swim. And finally - Will. He loves to watch the sprites! At only just 1 year old, he isn't quite ready to swim with mommy and sisters yet but I'd say next year we won't be able to keep him out of the water either!

Sorry, Beansy. I had to put these two pics up, too. You are an amazing mother to your children! Our grandchildren are so lucky they got you for a mom. They obviously adore you and watching you with them, it's easy to see why! We love you, Jill! Thanks for being our grandchildrens' mom!

The family left for home yesterday at 5:00 am amid snow flurries! Yes, we had flurries all day yesterday. And bitter cold winds. They decided to continue on home instead of stopping overnight and made it home about 3:30 our time this morning. John called and said they made it and were going to take it easy today with only unpacking to do and lazing about to get their energy recharged. I think the recharging was for the parents - the kids recharge on the run!

We loved having them visit and can hardly wait till next year. Hopefully they will be coming again next spring for what appears to be an annual visit.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit here. More next time.

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Dawn said...

You have a beautiful family! Loved seeing all of the fun in your pictures.