Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm Sleeping

Well, I arrived in Utah on Friday, Mom was already there. Jill and the two youngest grandchildren met us at the airport. It will be a full week taking care of them while John and Jill are in Hawaii. By the time we get the baby down after his final feeding of the evening, we are both ready for bed! Today, both of the younger ones were down for a nap and Emily was on the floor coloring with my mom. Evidently I fell asleep in the chair and this is what Emily (with my Mom's encouragement and help) came up with. The sign says: "Go away, I'm sleeping and I'm grumpy! " and then under it says Emily made this with Grama Betty! They were giggling so hard it woke me up! That 10 minutes sure did revive me. NOT! Anyway, Mom and I are having a terrific time with the kids. They are delightful. John and Jill have done a wonderful job of raising these children! We are so proud! More later.

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