Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week 13 - And it's finished!

Last week I showed you the finished re-hab of the pantry.  It was bare shelves and it made me so happy.  Today, I am showing you the completely reloaded pantry.  It makes me even happier.


Not all the shelves are full or even used....and very little on the floor, which was one of the goals. 

We've had lots of rain this past few days...we sure did need it.  All the grasses are green, the trees and leaves are really shiny.  I think spring has actually sprung around here.

The next project on the agenda is to install ceiling fans on the front porch...that should only take less than a day since all the wiring is already done.  It's just a matter of getting the fans and installing them.  Will post pictures once that's done

Other than reloading the pantry, there hasn't been a lot going on here at Pieceful Harbor this week.  So I won't even try to fill up a page.  

Thanks for stopping by.


Ruth said...

What a great pantry!

Jennifer said...

That's a wonderful pantry!