Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 25 - HOT, HOT, HOT!

I think it's safe to say that summer has definitely arrived in the Ozarks.  The temps have been hovering a bit above 90 degrees and the humidity is equally high.  And we don't usually have our highest temps/humidity until August.  Thank goodness for working air conditioning.  

My office partner shared this picture he saw on the internet.  It brought a chuckle.  Sadly, I doubt it would work, knowing human nature - no one could be 'cool' for 4 years till the next election.

I'm working on a t-shirt quilt for a friend.  He has been an entertainer on Broadway for 30 years.  And he has a huge amount of t-shirts.  Fortunately, my friend had laid them out the way he wants them and then photographed first the entire quilt and then in quadrants.  I decided that the quadrant idea was the best way to tackle this gargantuan project.  By the time it's done, it will be around 9 feet square.  I can't show you pictures without permission from my friend.  Once it's done, I'm hoping he will give me that permission so you can see an amazing life spent entertaining people.  

I'm off to sew and/or knit for a while on this hot, humid Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Jennifer said...

I love that picture......we're in 'election mode' right now here too! It will be interesting to see your friend's quilt when it's done, what a good idea to photograph the layout first, that way it will be as he likes it.