Sunday, September 27, 2015


I simply adore Autumn.  It is my most favorite season of the year.  The colours, the leaves, even the feel of the air makes me happy.  And this year, I'm showing my neighbors how happy it makes me.  I spent last Sunday decorating the front porch for the first time in years!  Those pumpkins would NOT stay stacked so I used my trusty glue gun and voila!  My Goose got his outfit changed and we are set for the autumn!

There are hazards to living in the country.  When wicked weather comes along, you can't just walk to the nearest store for have to have prepared for the storm.  Especially ice storms.  One must lay in a supply of batteries, lamp oil, food, fill in the tubs with water in case the electricity goes out and your well pump is non-functioning.  Make sure you have warm clothes and plenty of pet food.  
There are also instances that city-dwellers just don't think of - take last Monday nite for example.  I was working in the studio and heard a thunk, clunk, dragging sound outside the window, just about where the compressor for the air conditioner sits.  John was in the great room so I knew it wasn't him.  I went out and asked him if he had heard that sound....of course, he didn't - he had the TV on and where he was sitting had several walls between him and the noise.  There have been many instances of thieves stealing air conditioners and piping in the last few years and that's where my mind went.  John went outside, in the dark, and looked around...he came back in to get a flashlight and when he went out again, our neighbors across the field were sitting on their porch and yelled at John that there was some kind of thunk, clang, dragging noise that came from near our compressor...when he went over to the compressor, he found out what the noise was.  Not going into details, suffice to say that the compressor fan blades had been stationery and a field mouse was sitting on one when the fan turned itself on.  All I could say was, "EWWWWWWW".  Leave it at that!  

Recently, to promote the new Peanuts movie, there was a website that allowed one to "Peanutize" yourself....I played around with it and here you see my final picture.  

I leave you with this picture from yesterday.  It was an absolutely beautiful day in the Ozarks, sunny, temperate, with clouds skudding across the sky at a cheerful rate.  

Sorry it took me so long between excuse except blog-laziness! Forgive me!

And, thanks for stopping by.

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Jennifer said...

It is a beautiful day indeed, and I love your you, autumn is my favourite season with its lovely colours. Oh dear, poor mousie......