Sunday, August 30, 2015

End of August

John and I spent most of yesterday in the car, driving to Branson to pick up free patterns for the Row by Row Experience.  The program is winding down and the last day to pick up the free patterns is September 8th.  The weather was so beautiful - a lovely pre-autumn day.  Temps were lovely and the air made me feel like fall was on its way.  I decided to make some ginger cookies. 

Several years ago, Silver Dollar City opened their Culinary and Cooking School and my mom and I went to one of the first classes they had.  They taught us how to make their famous Soft ginger Cookies and gave us their recipe.  This is so simple and makes 30 regular sized cookies on 20 jumbo ones.  I was a good girl and made the smaller ones, although I really wanted to make the jumbo ones.  Here they are straight from the over.  
 John and I can both vouch that they are super yummy and soft and once you take a bite, you are instantly thinking of autumn!

I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky...Mr. Wonderful mounted my TV onto the wall of the studio so I can see it better.  It tilts and swivels so I can see wherever I am in the studio.  And I now have more room on the counter. Of course, I must be very careful NOT to put more stuff on the counter, rather, I need to purge so I have even more room on the countertops.

Not much else to tell you at this point.  Weather is beautiful.  John is home for a week, and I have plans to cook and quilt and knit all week.  What more could a girl ask for?

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Jennifer said...

Your cookies look very yummy indeed.....must seek out the recipe! I don't have TV in my sewing room, it doesn't worry me in the slightest, but I do need music.