Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Random things on my Mind.

1. Easter - it's less than 2 weeks away...we have 8 folks coming for dinner and the menu is set.  I made some cute plastic eggs with washi tape on them for the tablescape...now to decide how to display them.
2. Movies - I like going to the movies but the cost has gone up so much.  It's so much less expensive to wait for the DVD to come out and then we can watch them at our leisure - and make popcorn at home.
3. Yarn - I have so much yarn.  And I have so many plans for using it.  What I don't have is time.  I suspect that is not an uncommon complaint among crafters.
4. Travel - I am beginning to twitch...I love to travel (well, if truth be told, I love to fly).  I miss my friends in Southern California and those in Rhode Island.  I want to meet my newest granddaughter who is 5 months old already and I'd love to go see my mom for a few days.  All of this takes money, more money than I'm willing to spend at this time.  Thank goodness for telephones!  At least I can talk to my friends, and my mom, and the family in Utah.
5.  Bunco - this Thursday is Bunco nite and I am hosting it at my house.  We had to postpone it last month due to weather and I suspect we may need to do so again...snow is expected for Thursday thru Sunday.  It being the first day of Spring tomorrow doesn't seem to make a lick of difference when it comes to weather here in Missouri.
6. Getting older -  DH was laid off work a couple of weeks ago.  He is looking for work but who is going to hire a 61 1/2 year old man in this economy?  So we are trying to cut back on expenses.  We'll be fine, well, we have to be fine, don't we? But it sucks to get old!
7.  Crochet -  I've always wanted to learn to crochet.  I can't seem to find a reliable class anywhere near so I'm going to teach myself.  Thank goodness for YouTube and the internet...let's see how far I get.
8. Bucket Lists - How many people really have a Bucket List?  Or does everyone just use the term to mean a nebulous dream out there in the ethersphere but it's not written down?  I think I'm going to start a Bucket List for myself.  I can't imagine that it will contain really lofty dreams - let's face it, I'm 60 years old so the time to learn to be a really talented ballet dancer is probably more than I have left, don't you think? But I could take dance lessons just for me...I may need to look into that.
9.  Tidiness - what's the big deal about being tidy?  My studio is jammed with stuff, not at all tidy. But I can almost always put my hands on what I'm searching for, without ripping all over the place to find it.  I think Tidy is over-rated.
10.  Leprechaun Farts - I know, some of you are thinking, "What is she talking about?".  I received a swap package yesterday from a friend in Georgia.  I haven't sent hers yet...hopefully later this week.  The theme for this month is Leprechauns.  Inside the package was the usual Wee Tiny Sock, and a green pen, and a shamrock dishcloth, and some other green shamrock-y stuff.  But also included was a bar of soap.  The fragrance was labeled Leprechaun Farts.  Let me tell you, I never thought much about what Leprechauns' farts smelled like.  But after opening that package, I can surely tell you that they smell divine!  I wish I could send some of the smell thru the internet...you would be smiling and smelling for weeks!

Ok, that's about all on my mind today...I think I need a nap.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Dee said...

I love your 10 random thoughts post... great idea. You know, I've always wanted to learn to crochet, but I never did... good luck. Oh and the Leprechaun fart soap sounds interesting. I'll have to try to find a bar or two.