Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

This week's Ten on Tuesday is:
Ten Things You Love About September
I am all over this one!

1. Cooler weather
2. Apple season - Time for apple pies and applesauce.
3. I love the fall colours.  Orange and rust and green and olive.
4. Cooler weather.
5. It's closer to October.  October is the month my mom comes to visit and we always look forward to it.   
6. Festival of Craftsmen (Harvest Festival) at Silver Dollar City.  This is our most very favorite festival and the reason we get season tickets! Of course, we adore the Old Fashioned Christmas Festival, too.
7. Cooler weather.
8. We are only 3 1/2 month away from Christmas...and I truly do love Christmas.
9. This year, September means we are only 2 months shy of getting a new grandbaby.  November 9th is the due date and we can hardly wait!
10. Cooler weather.


Jennifer said...

Sally, I just love the pictures on today's post - they are beautiful! Hopefully autumn will be here before you know it.

Batiklover said...

I am hoping for cooler weather here also. Would love to bake something with all the figs that are ripening, but don't dare turn on the oven!!!!! Enjoy your visit with your mom!!!!

Derek White said...

Sally, I love your Autumn list. Half of my childhood was spent in New Hampshire--a gorgeous part of the country--and fall is perhaps my favorite season. It's that time of year to start cozying up inside and have a nice piece of apple pie....

Thanks for reminding me of what a great time of year it is!