Sunday, September 9, 2012

Preparing for Winter

The past few days have been beautiful!  Gentle breezes, temps in the 70s, blue skies and no clouds.  Our friend, Terry, rented a seeder to seed his fields in preparation for the winter and he had some more time on the seeder before it needed to go back.  So, since he needed to bring it back thru Marshfield, he stopped at our property and offered the services of the seeder.  John decided to seed the south field with winter rye (he has a more detailed description but it boils down to winter rye!). Here they are, along with our neighbor and friend, John P. loading the seeder.
John and John are removing some temporary stakes so the tractor can get as much of the field as possible with the seeder.
My John is one happy guy to be able to seed this gives us a chance to feed grass to the cows thru the winter instead of relying on  hay.
Terry put that seeder in every single place he could get to make sure that we get as much seeded field as possible.
 Back it in, Terry.....he's an expert with that big tractor!

And John and John watched the whole process....the cows will be in the north field for the next two months to give the south field a chance to grow some lovely winter rye.
It feels as though Autumn has arrived in the Ozarks....but it could change at a moment's notice. I hesitate to say it's a permanent thing.  But it sure is nice today....not too hot, not too cool, a slight breeze, sunny and a blue, cloudless sky.

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Jennifer said...

Even if summer pops its head up again now, hopefully it won't be too hot and nasty now that September is here!

Batiklover said...

Ahhh Sally, I sure wish we would have some 70 degree days!!! I know I shouldn't complain, we have been at or above 90 for about 5 weeks now - humidity makes it feel in the high 90's..... I am SOOOO ready for some fall weather!!!!! Please send some our way!!!! :-)

Tanya said...

Hey Sally -- it was nice to see your sweet comment over on my blog this week. Thanks! I love the autumn weather, too. :-)