Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hand Cream for a Year

I read a lot of blogs each day, along with Facebook and Twitter. One of my favorite blogs mainly deals with quilting but she occasionally puts a recipe or a knitting project out there. One day, she mentioned making a cream for her hands, feet, elbows and knees. She even posted the recipe. I printed it out and decided to try it myself.

Homemade Hand Cream
16 oz. Baby lotion
8 oz. petroleum jelly
8 oz. Vitamin E cream

Mix together in a glass or ceramic bowl with beaters till it resembles frosting.

That's it...no more....I used the cheapest ingredients I could find a the dollar store. I found small round travel-sized containers at Walmart for $1.00/2. Also found some small 1/2 pint food containers there - really inexpensive.

The whole operation took less than 1/2 hour and that included putting the cream in the jars and washing up. I gave one of the small travel-sized jars to each of the girls at the library and told them when they needed more, let me know. I think there is probably enough for an entire year on my counter. It takes a VERY little bit of this to moisturize your hands, elbow, or heels. Really, with the petroleum jelly in there, it's quite moist! I put a bit on my feet before I go to bed and my heels are really healing up nicely.

So if you're in the area, and you need hand cream...stop by. I've got plenty to share!

Thanks for stopping by.


Jennifer said...

What a great idea! My goodness - it certainly makes a lot, doesn't it?

Lilacs 4 Angels said...

Sally, I've made two batches of this wonderful cream and I love it! Usually I refill the Vitamin E jars with it plus a few more containers. It is the best!

Savannah's, not in Savannah anymore said...

This is awesome! and i love you share with the world that's sweet!

Derek White said...

Sally, I'm hopping on a plane tomorrow to come get me some hand creme!