Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This week our Ten on Tuesday subject is one that I can definitely get behind.

10 Soups You Like to Eat:

1. Homemade Chicken Soup - my wonderful husband makes the absolute best chicken soup. He puts in chicken pieces from the chickens that he grows. Yum!
2. Tomato soup - this is my comfort food. Along with a grilled cheese sandwich or with cheese slices cut into stars and put in the bottom of the bowl so it melts when the hot soup is poured over it.
3. Cream of broccoli soup.
4. Potato Cheese soup. I've got a marvelous recipe for this soup made in the crock pot.
5. Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup - this is the kind that comes in an envelope and has millions of little noodles in it...I haven't had this in years and it still makes my heart flutter to think about it.
6. Chili - I know, it's not really soup, but it is really good and, let's face it, this is my list and I can put whatever I want on it.
7. Portuguese Soup - I got this recipe from a lady who had a small diner in Rhode Island when we lived there. We ate there each Friday nite. Made with chorize and beans...truly a wonderful winter soup.
8. Bean with Bacon soup.
9. Cream of Asparagus soup.
10. Cream of Mushroom soup. Now I don't like this all by itself, but I sure do like to use it when I'm cooking...included in a tuna casserole or on top of a roast, it is definitely a kitchen necessity.

What kind of soup makes your heart sing?

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Jennifer said...

Ooooo, they all sound so good! My favourite would definitely be split pea with ham (or bacon) soup.

Derek White said...

All those sound yummy.

Lori makes lots of soups and three of our favorites are 1) Taco Soup, 2) Cheeseburger Soup, and 3) Barley Soup.

All unfortunate and uninteresting names for three soups that absolutely incredible. We've got to name them something much more appealing and creative.