Friday, September 24, 2010


Ha! You thought I meant chickens, didn't you! Nope, these turkeys have decided to roost on top of the fencing near the barn. That's where John finds them each night, waiting for him to put them in the barn for the night. We had one turkey lost due to an incident with a feral cat, but the rest of them are faring quite well. They sure can fly, too. That grey-ish white one on the right flew over 200 feet the other day when I let the dogs out into the run and didn't see the turkeys were out there. They scattered like the wind.

Autumn has arrived here. The temperature has fallen to the mid 70's during the day and the humidity is no higher than my age. Temps at night are into the 50's. Looking forward to some lovely days ahead.

Stay tuned. I'll have some grandkid pics soon - they are coming for a visit in a bit over a week....yeah!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparents Day!

Today is Grandparents Day in the U.S. I have only one grandparent left, my grandfather's wife, Carol. I only met Carol once, in the summer of 1959 when my mom, my brothers and I spent most of the summer at my maternal grandparents' farm in Ohio. We went up to Michigan for a week and saw my paternal grandfather and his wife. Carol was a librarian and she must have inspired my love for books. She gave my grandfather another 4 boys in addition to my own father. All of my grandparents are gone except Carol. I hear from her every year at Christmastime. And a couple of years ago, we had a tornado set down here in Marshfield and evidently it made the news cause I got a call from her to make sure we were ok. Although I've not seen her in over 50 years, Carol is still in my life. Happy Grandparents Day, Carol!

When our son was small, I had made Christmas stockings for each of us - felted, beaded, sequins galore. Those stockings have been used for over 30 years. Mine was eaten by one of the previous dogs a couple of years ago and I made a new one for me but John and John both still use their original ones.

When John III became engaged to Jill, he called me and asked me to make a stocking for Jill and one for her daughter, Emily. He picked out the patterns and sent them to me. The one for Emily had 137 pieces ! And he asked me to make them in - get this - October! In time for THIS Christmas? Yes, Mom, please??? Well, I got them done and they are still used. And for each of the grandchildren, as they come along, I make a Christmas stocking as well.

I spent yesterday putting the finishing touches to a Christmas stocking for our newest grandson. Hewston was born at the end of May. This one is blue and white, mostly, with touches of purple. There are a ton of sequins on this one. It finally was finished yesterday. Happy First Christmas, Hewston!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Baby Turkey Talk

They don't exactly cluck, and they don't exactly gobble, and they don't exactly whistle....just baby turkey talk....cute, huh?

Why Did the Turkeys Cross the Driveway?

I recently told you about our turkeys....they are now old enough to be let out during the day to roam the property and they then, all by themselves, go back to the barn for the night. John shuts the door so no nighttime critters can get the birds. This is what I came home to this afternoon. I'm not sure they've ventured this far before.

The first picture was taken just after I pulled into the left wing of the circle drive...they were going from the far western side of our property, across the driveway and heading over in front of the house. The second picture was taken just outside the front door, in the shade of the old elm tree in front of my studio windows. They were all working their way toward the barn. They were quietly making little turkey noises - not quite clucks, not quite gobbles...will try to get a video up (if I can figure out how to do it) for later.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, all of you, whether you celebrate Labor Day as we do in the USA or not.

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