Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparents Day!

Today is Grandparents Day in the U.S. I have only one grandparent left, my grandfather's wife, Carol. I only met Carol once, in the summer of 1959 when my mom, my brothers and I spent most of the summer at my maternal grandparents' farm in Ohio. We went up to Michigan for a week and saw my paternal grandfather and his wife. Carol was a librarian and she must have inspired my love for books. She gave my grandfather another 4 boys in addition to my own father. All of my grandparents are gone except Carol. I hear from her every year at Christmastime. And a couple of years ago, we had a tornado set down here in Marshfield and evidently it made the news cause I got a call from her to make sure we were ok. Although I've not seen her in over 50 years, Carol is still in my life. Happy Grandparents Day, Carol!

When our son was small, I had made Christmas stockings for each of us - felted, beaded, sequins galore. Those stockings have been used for over 30 years. Mine was eaten by one of the previous dogs a couple of years ago and I made a new one for me but John and John both still use their original ones.

When John III became engaged to Jill, he called me and asked me to make a stocking for Jill and one for her daughter, Emily. He picked out the patterns and sent them to me. The one for Emily had 137 pieces ! And he asked me to make them in - get this - October! In time for THIS Christmas? Yes, Mom, please??? Well, I got them done and they are still used. And for each of the grandchildren, as they come along, I make a Christmas stocking as well.

I spent yesterday putting the finishing touches to a Christmas stocking for our newest grandson. Hewston was born at the end of May. This one is blue and white, mostly, with touches of purple. There are a ton of sequins on this one. It finally was finished yesterday. Happy First Christmas, Hewston!

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Jill Knotwell said...

I love it! We love hanging up our stockings every Christmas and know that they are made with so much love. Thank you for all you do and make for us.

Jennifer said...

That's such a cute stocking.....I bet it will be used and loved for a long while yet!

Katzmutha said...

You re very creative!