Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Did the Turkeys Cross the Driveway?

I recently told you about our turkeys....they are now old enough to be let out during the day to roam the property and they then, all by themselves, go back to the barn for the night. John shuts the door so no nighttime critters can get the birds. This is what I came home to this afternoon. I'm not sure they've ventured this far before.

The first picture was taken just after I pulled into the left wing of the circle drive...they were going from the far western side of our property, across the driveway and heading over in front of the house. The second picture was taken just outside the front door, in the shade of the old elm tree in front of my studio windows. They were all working their way toward the barn. They were quietly making little turkey noises - not quite clucks, not quite gobbles...will try to get a video up (if I can figure out how to do it) for later.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, all of you, whether you celebrate Labor Day as we do in the USA or not.

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