Saturday, November 13, 2010


Picture this: Late afternoon on a Friday, 2 men working diligently to dig a hole thru rock and clay (they've spent the last 2 weekends pouring water into the hole to loosen the clay). Finally, they think they have it deep enough to sink a post and cement it in place. Now, picture one of the 2 men pounding the new post into the ground...pound, pound, pound....smash! It happened so fast, yet, he tells me he knew it was coming as it was happening and was powerless to stop it. This is his thumb, shortly after it happened - it's almost twice that size this morning. No, it's not broken, just bloody and swollen. Poor baby can't do much with his left hand. Makes one understand why we were given oposable thumbs! Poor John....he is NOT used to being unoccupied...thank goodness we've got a lot of movies on DVD and plenty of beer and coffee!

Until next time!

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