Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trenching 2010

We've lived here for 7 years now. And all that time, there has been no landscaping done at all. Other things have taken a front seat, I understand that. I am NOT a person to go outside and garden...outside creeps me out...I can't explain it. And my family knows that I don't do outside. So things like landscaping and outdoor decorations have needed to wait till more important things, like fencing and haying and cows, chickens, turkeys, and pigs were all situated and well-established. This past weekend was the time! My front 'yard' is finally in the beginning stages.

First up - trenching for drainage. This first picture shows how John marked for where the drainage lines are going. This is the ONLY one that didn't get done in the time he had left on the rental trencher....not bad!

Next we have the front trench going out toward the south pasture. That's the main trench that all the other ones will drain toward. And the next picture shows John and John, our neighbor, who spent all day in the blistering heat and humidty digging the trenches.

Here's a closeup of one of the trenches.

Now for some statistics for all you out there who like that kind of stuff:

143 linear feet dug, 2 feet deep and 6 inches wide. The last trench that didn't get dug is 23 feet long and John plans on digging that by hand - but not today. He's doing some cleanup of the trenches today, and maybe watch a John Wayne movie as a reward for all his hard work!

Next time, The Great Chicken Massacre!

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John Knotwell said...

Drainage or sprinklers?

Jennifer said...

What are the plans for Outside - flowers, vegetables or a mixture of both?