Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hot Poppy and the Sleeping Cat

I read a lot of blogs each day. Recently, one of the girls described herself as an "episodic blogger". That struck a chord with me and I am unashamedly stealing her term. I AM AN EPISODIC BLOGGER! That almost sounds as though there should be a 12 step program, doesn't it? Ah well, those of you who know me well, you love me despite my being an episodic blogger, right?

Last week, we finally took the plunge and sold the Explorer! We got a great deal on a 2008 Ford Edge SEL SUV. It had a few more miles on it than John wanted but the deal was too good to pass up and we jumped at it. It is copper-colored. Now, if you ask John, he will tell you it's copper; me? I say it's orange. It's the same color as the poppies that grow along the freeway in California - added to a mettalic paint - and you have Poppy! My friend, Terri, called it Hot Poppy! Yesterday was a particularly sunny day, no clouds to speak of, and I decided to take advantage of the daylight to get a picture of my Hot Poppy. The first picture is a bit off - not as bright as she really is. The next picture shows her other side, and the fact that we live down a dirt/gravel road! And finally, my license plate - folks have commented on the license plate, especially when John is driving.

I took a workshop a couple of weeks ago and came home to unpack my bag. Never turn your back on the cat once you've unpacked a totebag, folks! This is what happens at our house. Gilligan loves to be in any bag or box that he can fit inside. Nothing is safe when he's around. I swear, I turned to put something on the counter and when I turned back, there he was, sound asleep already! He slept in there for over an hour!
Well, time for me to get some spaghetti sauce cooking. John came in the other day and told me there was NO spaghetti sauce in the freezer...time to make more.
I promise to try to do better at blogging on a regular basis. I know you've heard that before...but really, I will try!
Thanks for stopping by.


Batiklover said...

Oh Sally, I love the color!! I think it is perfect!! You know me and bright colors!! Looks like a fun car.
What workshop did you take? Quilting I hope

cinnamongirl93 said...

Hello Sally! It's been a while for me too.
Love your new car. the color is electric! I bet you look cool driving down your gravel road. Love the tags too!