Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Good Day for a Mow, Gilligan's Island, and Death by Socks!

John loves to sit on his Grasshopper and mow the dog run and the meadows around the barn and the house. Since he got his new hat, he loves it even more! And the noise doesn't seem to bother the cows anymore...Dolly is just munching away. I'm so glad he talked me into letting him have the Grasshopper. Where it took him over 8 hours on Saturday AND Sunday to mow before, now it only takes him about 4 hours to mow the same area. And he then he has time to work on other stuff around the property as well.
Gilligan has grown so much in the 2 years we've had him. The vet says he's not fat...but he sure does look it in this picture. That's my sewing table he has appropriated as his own private "island". He hates it when I am working at the table, or reading on the computer, or watching TV...He wants to be held and petted. So he sprawls out at big as he can get to get my attention! Silly cat!
I have finally been killed off in Sock Wars IV. Death came earlier this week in the form of slime green and black Air Raid Socks from Evee in England. These socks have made quite a journey to get to me. They started out in New York on May 15th of this year. When that lady was killed off, she sent them to her assassin in California, who sent them off to Michigan, then on to Florida, followed by a trip to England, forwarded on to North Carolina, back to England where they were finished and dispatched to me. So 7 people had a hand in knitting a pair of socks for little old me. I lasted until there were only 11 of us still alive in the competition and then the post office delivered my demise! I never expected to last as long as I did. I was the the last person standing in the Team Competition - very cool! And I've got a lovely pair of slime and black socks to remember the competition by. The picture above does NOT show the true colors...they are truly slime green and black. And there isn't any pink or purple in the sock at all! I can hardly wait for the start of Sock Wars V - January 15, 2010! And then Sock Madness will begin in mid-March of 2010. Those are the only 2 worldwide competitions I enter. There's a small local competition that might happen in February of 2010 and I want to enter that one, too. So, the winter will be taken up with socks again...a nice way to keep hands and brains active!
Well, off to finish the laundry and work on a sewing project.
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Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I adore that wonderful cat - wish I could just reach out to the computer screen and scoop him up!

You have more courage than me, participating in Sock Wars. I couldn't take the stress! Roll on Sock Madness 2010 though.

And congratulations on the applique win at the fair. Beautiful work.

Batiklover said...

Gilligan definitely looks like he isn't missing out on too many mice!!! hee hee I would love to have a lap cat. Mine only want my lap when it is cold out, which isn't that often here in So. Cal.
Great job on the Sock Wars, you are a nut - I have an orphaned sock, can you make a match for it?? Ha Ha
John looks very happy on his grasshopper - and very handsome in his new hat. :-)

Derek White said...

John looks great on the grasshopper and it only takes him 4 HOURS TO MOW THE LAWN??!!

Okay, sometime when your visiting Utah again I'll have to have you explain "sock wars". I'm pretty curious.... Assassination by socks??!

Glad to see you guys doing well....

Sofie said...

French Cats are the same !!! I like your socks !!!!