Monday, March 9, 2009

Remember when I told you about the Battle of the Soxes II? It started the day we left on vacation to Utah and I had to bribe the front desk clerk at the hotel on Friday nite to download and print off the pattern for the socks I needed to knit and send off to kill my target. I finished my target's socks and mailed them 4 days later from Utah and I figured there would be a pair of killer socks waiting for me when we got home and I'd be dead and that would be the end of it. NOT! I kept waiting for killer socks and waiting...and waiting...finally got a package in the mail and they were socks I needed to finish and send off to kill someone else.....then another set came for me to finish and send off to kill another person. Here are the pictures of the 3 sets of socks that I knit for this competition.

Fast forward to this past month since the competition started....Go here to see the rest of the story...

And all I wanted to win was the farthest kill - Utah to Connecticut was 2260 miles. I've been asked what I win for this prestigious honor....I only know that I will get the socks that ultimately were for me in the mail soon - (and I will get to finish them myself) - and a pair of socks knit for me by the Battle Commander, Chesley. As to anything else, I'll have to wait and see. Of course, I'll post when the box arrives!

On another note...John's sister, Kay, has had some really bad teeth for a long time. No, I'm not being mean ; she'd tell you the same thing. Anyway, this year she decided to do something about them - last week she had the last 8 teeth pulled and dentures placed. We had dinner Friday nite and she let me take a picture of her and her beautiful new smile.

Isn't she just beautiful? She said she hasn't been able to whistle for years and spends most of her time walking around whistling. And she can say 'precipitation' pretty well, too. Congratulations, Kay...we love you!
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Jill Knotwell said...

Her new teeth give her a whole new look, she looks beautiful! Good job on winning and getting to knit your own socks.

cinnamongirl93 said...

A great smile makes all the difference! She looks fantastic.
Wow, I am amazed by all of your sock escapades. How cool!