Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So Long, Utah. Hello Home!

How cute are those kids? I mean, how cute are they, really? They are cuter than june bugs...cuter than puppies....cuter than...well, you get my meaning! We just spent the most wonderful week in Utah with John and Jill and those 3 cute grands! Emily is growing up fast...she almost 9 now and going to be a beauty really soon. She and Papa did some cooking together...what a pair. Charlotte is a hoot! She doesn't hesitate to tell you that she is almost 4 - in June - and that she is "responsible. I can do it myself!" And she usually can do just that! Then there's Will at almost 2. He sure is an entertaining little guy. He has a smile that will melt an iceberg!
We had so much fun that I totally forgot to take any pictures except the above 3.
When we got to St. Louis the night before we left for Utah, I had the hotel clerk download the pattern for this year's Battle of the Soxes II at 11:00 p.m. so I could knit on the plane. I'd never done color work before so it was a bit of a challenge. I worked diligently every chance I got, when I wasn't playing with the grands, of course. I finished my battle socks on Tuesday morning and John mailed them to my target that afternoon. Let us NOT talk about Priority mail taking over a week to get to Connecticut from Utah, ok? Anyway, here are my killer B.O.T.S. socks that killed Cheryl Z. in CT yesterday.

I chose the orange and chocolate cause they remind me of the colors of autumn in New England, my favorite season and place to be in all the world.
I'm still alive, so far, and no idea on how soon my assasin (whoever they be) will get my socks to me. The longer I go, the better chance I have. There were 34 folks who started the game, 21 are dead, 4 are "seriously sick" according to the Battle Commander, and 9 are safe for the time being. Will keep you all updated on my status as we go along.


cinnamongirl93 said...

Sounds like a great trip!
Love the color of the socks. Awesome!

Derek White said...

Hey Sal and John! It was a pleasure to chat it up with you when we stopped in after dinner! Thanks for taking the kids so we could do that! You're both so interesting to talk to.

Seeya next time you come to Utah!