Monday, December 8, 2008

Harvey is a real Doll-y

Some of you may recall back in 1994 when John came home from deployment and decided we needed a new dog. We went to a place down near the border of California and Mexico where we were living at the time and he picked out an adorable male golden retriever. We started calling him Sierra but he seemed to respond to the name Calloway. We were responsible fur-people parents and took our darling puppy in to the vet for neutering. Our vet, the incomparable John Augustine in Poway, California, said to my dear husband, "I notice you are calling the puppy him. You do realize it's a girl." Calloway became Callaway.

And then, there is the recent issue of Gilligan the cat who started out his life here at Pieceful Harbor with the name of Ginger - it seems cats don't show their male or femaleness till several weeks after they are born.

Now we come to the reason for the history lesson - you see, when baby cows are born, it's difficult to tell whether they are boys or girls unless you grab hold of them and tip them over to see their parts, OR until they - um - well - pee. Ruby's new calf was determined to be a boy because our neighbor stated that she'd seen his wangdoodle (by the way, all newborns have what appear to be a wangdoodle but it's really the remants of the umbilical cord). John and the neighbor's husband went to band Harvey the boy calf before they brought him and his mamma and brother and aunt and cousin over to Pieceful Harbor yesterday. It seems Harvey didn't have anything to band cause Harvey is a Dolly! So Ruby gave John his much-hoped-for girl calf! Dolly will help to perpetuate the herd!

Yes, the herd is now residing at Pieceful Harbor! John and John P. spent Saturday doing the final prep for bringing them over. They installed the gates, put in the watering trough, the feed bunk, and the hay ring. They brought over the last bale of hay that they had over at John P's house and arranged for more hay to be brought over.

Sunday, they went over and loaded up the bovines and then called me so I could document the momentous move. Here they are coming out of John P's fence and turning into our drive. thru the fence and open up the gate on the trailer. Here they come!

And they were so happy! Huevo spent the next half hour just jumping and running and eating grass. The others were just a gleeful! Dolly stuck pretty close to her mamma...I tried several times yesterday and today to get a good picture of her but everytime she saw me with the camera, she moved over behind her mamma so I couldn't get a decent picture. Will keep trying, though.

The dogs aren't sure what to make of those cows over there. They are in their run on the far left of the picture and those cows are used to having dogs around so they don't even move when Carson and Briscoe start barking at them.

Today I had off so the first thing I did was make a batch of Martha Stewart's No-Fail Fudge. The recipe is in her Holiday magazine this month. Oh, my gosh is that good stuff. I chopped up some black walnuts and put them over the top of 1/2 of the fudge and on the other half, I put crushed peppermints. Now we are both happy.

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cinnamongirl93 said...

O.K. where's mine......the fudge I mean...LOL!!! Your fudge looks sooooooo good!!!
Welcome to your new additions! How exciting. I can't wait to see a picture of "dolly"!

Dawn said...

Ha! I laughed out loud about determining whether or not the animal is boy - or - girl!

And how sweet that Dolly is camera shy...

Enjoy your holidays & Merry, merry Christmas to you & your family!

Jill Knotwell said...

I bet John is so darned excited he can't stand himself. It will be fun when we come to visit, the kids will be able to just walk out on the back deck and check on the cows hourly. Now I don't think we will EVER get you guys out here.