Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weddings in the Air!

I was recently talking to some friends and the subject of Barbie came up...I remarked that she and Ken had been together a loooooong time. That reminded me of a beautiful crocheted wedding dress that my paternal grandmother made for my own Barbie, many, many years ago. (Do you think I can find it? NO) I wondered if there were any patterns out there for crocheted wedding dresses...the answer is YES! Not being a PWC, (person who crochets) I wasn't entirely sure why I was looking for crocheted patterns...but, one of the ladies who comes to the library regularly told me a while back that she used to crochet and was thinking about starting it again. I piped up unashamedly and told her I knew the PERFECT project for her. I even gave her the pattern I'd printed off from the internet. Judith L. came in last week and generously presented me with the most beautiful crocheted wedding dress AND veil that I've ever seen. She didn't have a pattern for the veil so she made it up! She used cream thread since this is probably Barbie and Ken's renewal of vows ceremony, don't you think? It has a crocheted attached slip as well. She added cream ribbon straps and a cream ribbon bow to the back and used the same cream ribbon on the headpiece for the veil.

I was floored! Judith said she was inspired to make one for her granddaughter and then retire from Barbie clothes! Mine was the prototype.
We have had some pretty cold daytime weather recently. The dogs spend the day outside when both John and I are at work. They never sleep on their pillows in the great room during the summer - way too hot. But come late autumn, that's another thing altogether. They spend every waking - and sleeping - moment on those pillows, probable keeping warm. Here they are on Monday afternoon after I got home from work. Sound asleep! When they aren't sleeping on the pillows, Gilligan curls up in the one on the right - a little yellow blob of kitty fur! I think I may need to make him one for himself!
Enough ramblings for today...thanks for stopping by.


cinnamongirl93 said...

How very blessed you are to have someone crochet for you. The wedding gown is very pretty! You are a lucky lady!
We too had some very cold days. Yesterday was mild and so will be today.

Jill Knotwell said...

Barbie needs to have blue earrings, what's up with pink? That dress is gorgeous!