Monday, October 20, 2008

Silver Dollar City and Honu

John and I took my mom and his sister to Silver Dollar City for the Harvest Festival on Friday. That festival is our very favorite one at the City. It used to be called the Festival of Music and Craftsmen but they changed it this year. They opened up a new Culinary and Craft School, too. So I registered Kay, and Mom and Me for the Great American Cookie class....Soft Chewy Ginger cookies...YUM! Here we are waiting for the class to start. Actually, it was more a lecture with the recipe given out for us to make at home. They've done a wonderful job of designing the classroom...the kitchen setup is astounding -would that I had the money to get that setup! Copper backsplash, high-tech appliances, a cooling drawer in a cabinet AND a warming drawer in the oven. A hand-carved wooden mantle over the fireplace and a hand-blown chandelier over the table.
We came home Friday night totally exhausted. Then Saturday I had to work at the library. On Sunday, Mom and I began making curtains for the great room. I've only had the fabric since 2004 - before we moved into the house. There is only one large window in the great room and one would think I'd get the curtains done quickly - NOT! That window looks out over the back deck and then into our woods to there's no immediate impetus to cover it up. Anyway, the curtain is almost I need to pick out the rod and then have John install to follow but, please don't hold your breath! It could take another 4 years to get the last part done!

Mom is a city girl (like me) and is fascinated with country things. Every time she comes to visit we tell her about the deer that live in our woods and come out at twilight to eat and drink and she has NEVER seen them. 4 years now and not a single deer has she spotted. She kept telling us we were fibbin' about the deer. On Saturday nite she finally saw them...4 of them were grazing in the meadow just before the woods begin in the back. And one was in the front yard. And then on Sunday, John calls her out to the front porch to see a turtle he almost ran over with his Grasshopper. Mom gingerly agreed to hold it. Our son's family always calls turtles Honu cause that's the name they are known by in Hawaii and they picked it up when they went on a visit last year.

Mom is due to fly home on Saturday...I can't believe she's been here for almost 3 weeks. The time has flown. Maybe we can get her to come back sooner than next October????

More next time. Thanks for stopping by.


cinnamongirl93 said...

I loved visiting Silver Dollare City 6 years ago. I bought a beautiful handmade basket. The cooking clas sounds very interesting. I bet the cookies were yummy!
You have done quite a few different things with your Mom. What great memories.

Dawn said...

Yum. YUM! Chewy ginger cookies -- sounds so delicious. Thanks for sharing your great class adventure.

John Knotwell said...

Honu's rule. Next time in HI, I promise I am swimming with one, if I can only find them...