Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shades of Autumn

The leaves are beginning to turn...Mom is must be fall!

Mom arrived on Saturdayfor her annual visit. She will be here for 3 weeks. John and I love having her and miss her so much when she's not here. She lives in Prescott Valley, Arizona so it's not easy to run over to see here whenever the whim strikes, which is often.

Mom and John have a mutual love society going on. They truly adore each other. (Mom picked him out for me 36 years ago. They worked in the same building and she decided he was the one for me - Good Job, Mom!!)

The leaves are starting to turn down in our grove. I looked out the morning-room window the other day and the leaves looked as though all the color had drained out of them. With a slight breeze, the trees will lose their leaves and be left standing naked till spring.

In lieu of a real photo, here is something to tide you over till I can get a good picture.

Thanks for stopping by.


Jill Knotwell said...

Have a wonderful time with Nana Bette and make sure you get lots of fun projects in while she is there!

cinnamongirl93 said...

I hope you all have a fantastic time together! I want to see what you both are working on!
Tell your Mom that I said hello!