Monday, June 30, 2008

I can't believe half the year is gone! Where have I been? I know I spend a lot of time knitting and quilting, but it seems that it was only March the last time I looked. Is it really the last day of June, really???

Here are the quilted postcards I've received in the most recent online exchange. The spaces are where I'm still awaiting cards but they may be a long time coming so I'm posting what I've gotten so far. Aren't they wonderful? I'm in another one that starts soon, too. Some of the same people, some new ones. I love these things!

I also signed up for the Summer of Socks online. This 'competition' is more my pattern assignments, no targets, no assassins, no needle or yarn requirements - just knitting! Knit patterns you want to, use yarn and needles of your choice, knit the size you want. Just post a picture of each pair you complete between June 21st and September 1st. Cool. Here's a picture of my first pair - they are made with Tofutsies soysilk yarn, on size 1 Addi-Turbo lace needles, using the Tidal Wave pattern. I call them Red Tides! They are being gifted to my darling daughter-in-law in honor of her learning how to knit! Congrats, Jill!

I entered a recent online give-away at Quilt Taffy and they pulled my name. All I had to do was comment on their blog...I can do that! I have opinions, after all. Here is what I won.

It's a charm pack of Mary Englebreit's new Christmas line for Moda...31 squares measuring 5"...hmmm...I see a Christmas table runner in my future. Too cute.

John is off to Salt Lake City this weekend for a Grandkid Fix! Me? Well, I plan on spending the entire 3 day holiday in my jammies, knitting and quilting and sewing pillow shams and window seat covers for our oldest granddaughter, Emily. Yep, I might not even get out of jammies - or maybe I'll shower and put on clean jammies - who knows? It's a holiday!


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cinnamongirl93 said...

I can't believe in 6 months Christmas will be over! Where did the time go? It seems to be going even faster don't you think?
The socks are very pretty! Your DIL is one lucky gal! How do you like the yarn you used. I never tried that one. Did you do majic loop or double points? Just curious.